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About IIMA

The Issigeac International Music Academy is a not-for-profit organisation constituted to promote classical music education.

The idea for a classical music academy to be held at Issigeac in the Dordogne, South-West France, came about as a result of the fortuitous meeting of Adrian Lithgow and Ishani Bhoola, their spotting the tremendous potential of Issigeac as an international centre for the arts, a love of classical music and of France.

A music academy in Issigeac offers exceptional opportunities for students.  It is a highly attractive venue for parents and tutors and the project is highly favoured by the Commune of Issigeac which is actively promoting the village as a centre for tourism, the arts and crafts.

The Issigeac International Music Academy is registered in France as L’Academie Internationale de Musique d’Issigeac assoc. no W241006331 and is governed by French Law.  Adrian Lithgow is the President and Ishani Bhoola is the Creative Director.

Our Staff

Adrian Lithgow

Adrian is a former journalist, having been chief news reporter and political editor of the Mail on Sunday. He was also deputy editor of Sunday Business and co-owner/editor of BusinessAge…

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Ishani Bhoola

Ishani is a violinist with a distinguished career on both sides of the Atlantic. After being a multi-prize winning student, she left the Guildhall School of Music in 1988 to…

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