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Levin Andrade

Levine was born in Bombay, and came to England at the age of 9. He was awarded a scholarship to the Yehudi Menuhin School and became one of its 12 founder members. He studied the violin with Robert Masters also receiving violin master classes from several eminent visiting professors and composition classes with the legendary Nadia Boulanger. At the age of 11, BBC Television made a full documentary about him in their series “Life of a Child”.

At 15 he was awarded a Vaughan-Williams scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music, where he studied the violin with Frederick Grinke, the viola with Max Gilbert and was coached in chamber music by Colin Hampton and Sidney Griller. While at the Academy he won many prizes for violin, viola and chamber music, won a scholarship for a 4th year of study, after which he went on to obtain the highest accolade in his Recital Diploma.

While at the Academy, the Arditti Quartet was formed with three other students, to specialise in 20th Century Music and the quartet had an unparallelled career, performing at almost every major music festival throughout the world to great critical acclaim, and have broadcast world-wide for virtually every Radio station and winning a prize for every recording they made.

Since leaving the quartet, and its punishing International tour schedule, in order to spend more time with his family, Levine has played on numerous recordings for film and television and worked with artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton to Christina Aguilera and Wet Wet Wet and also The Muppetts. Many of today’s leading film composers have written solos especially for him; notably Ennio Morricone for the film City Of Joy, Elmer Bernstein for Hoodlums, Rachel Portman for The Honest Courtesan, Danny Elfman for Black Beauty, Richard Blackford for Song for a Raggy Boy, Carl Davis for the TV film Ghosts and Jim Parker for the TV series Midsomer Murders.

Levine now spends more time conducting and producing music for films, television and records and has also conducted his own orchestra on many prize winning recordings. He is currently producing several classical chamber music albums for EMI Music Publishing, and his next project will be working with the rock group Iron Maiden which would involve re-recording their hits with symphonic orchestral arrangements along with state of the art lighting and sound effects in preparation for their forthcoming world tour.

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